About me

Hello there! My name is Roberto Cárdenas-Retamal, I am an PhD student in Food and Resources Economics program, at University of Florida. I’m from chile, I studied a Bachelor in Economics and a Master in Environmental and Resources Economics at the University of Concepción.

My research are in economic development (in a broad sense) and sustainability. Specifically, is strongly oriented to study the socioeconomic sustainability of marine activities. Additionally, I am interested in understanding the welfare of individuals, specifically I have had experience with the study of intra-household relationships and time allocation. I’m also interested in economic history, economic education and economic pluralism. I have teaching experience in undergradute and graduate level.

My work has been published in Food Policy and Environment, Development and Sustainability, so far. During my PhD studies, I will work in seafood markets and its implications on local economies and health.

Any comments, questions or suggestions? Please send me an email! robertocardenasr@ufl.edu